Amey recently provided 10 tonnes of soil improver made from local green garden waste to a local charity to improve local allotments as part of an innovative and important project – read on to find out more.

YMCA Trinity Group works with the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Youth Offending Service and has developed several allotments projects as part of its reparations service.

Reparations is community service for young people aged 11 to 18, issued through the criminal justice system, and the YMCA’s projects aim to give community-worthwhile projects for young people, where they can learn new skills and feel they are part of their local community. The aim is to stop their offending behaviours and make the community better place for everyone.

The YMCA’s allotments projects involve many different charities and agencies working together, with the aim of growing food and teaching new skills to young people. Surplus fruit and veg is supplied to other local charities including: Jimmy’s homeless shelter in Cambridge; NCCP North Cambridge Community Partnership for their hub kitchen; and used in teaching local families to cook. 

The allotments projects, several of which are run across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, are embracing a low impact approach. Amey’s green garden waste soil improver has helped to create a large bed at the allotments in Cambridge.

YMCA Trinity has several projects running across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, all involving young people actively taking part in growing food. The project is all about taking these young people out of the environment they are used to and exposing them to different experiences. Many have never grown anything.

Teresa Brown, Reparation Project Manager, says “We are really grateful for the kind donation from Amey, this will help us with both our existing and future projects”.

Jon Jones, Amey's Cambridgeshire Account Director, said: "The work of the YMCA with young families is so important, and utilising the great outdoors as a way of improving lives is fantastic. We are very happy to support their local projects with a donation of local soil improver made in Cambridgeshire."

Find out more about the YMCA Trinity Group here.