During the early hours of Sunday morning 8 September 2019, a fire broke out at Amey’s Waste Treatment Plant in Waterbeach. It started in a pile of newly collected waste that was destined for landfill, but which was kept isolated in accordance with normal procedures.

The fire brigade responded and with their speed and the actions of Amey’s team, the fire was brought under control quickly. There were no injuries. Residents were advised to keep windows closed as a precaution.  

Amey worked closely with the Environment Agency to control and monitor the situation and investigations into the cause of the fire are ongoing. Many of the (thankfully relatively small number of) fires that occur at waste treatment facilities are caused by smouldering waste due to disposable barbecues being dumped at recycling centres or in public bins, or from lithium batteries disposed of by businesses in construction site waste. The industry continues to ask for the public to be both vigilant and more careful when disposing of waste.

For guidance on how to dispose of waste safely, please visit www.cambridgeshire.gov.uk/residents/waste-and-recycling/