MEETING NOTES Thursday 8 March 2018 at 6pm.

Amey Waterbeach Waste Management Park

Attendees: David Craig (Local Resident), Chris Webster (Local Resident), Jane Williamson (Farmland Museum / Waterbeach PC), Myra Gaunt (Waterbeach PC), Michael Williamson (Waterbeach PC), Cllr Ingrid Tregoing (SCDC), Cllr Anna Bradnam (CCC), Emma Fitch (CCC), Peter Dawes (Frimstone), Mark Swan (Frimstone), Chris Smiles (Amey), Ian Clarke (Amey), Jon Jones (Amey), Tim Marks (Amey), Bethan Griffiths (Athene Communications)

Apologies: Cllr Lynda Harford (SCDC), Erik Fuller-Lewis (Local Resident), John Martin (Local Resident), David Mudd (Cottenham PC)

1. Welcome and introductions

Chris Smiles (CS) opened the meeting and introductions were made.

2. Minutes of previous meeting

Minutes of the previous meeting were reviewed and a question was asked by a CLG member to clarify a point made from the operational update:

We are concentrating on keeping the processed materials moving out off site, rather than building stockpiles.

It was clarified that this meant moving the materials on to be re-processed. No other comments were made and the minutes were approved

3. Operational update

Jon Jones (JJ) provided the following operational update:

Landfill: Designs are in place for phase 14 of the landfill and Amey is currently looking at options for clay extracted from phase 14 cells, including suitability for local highways works. Clay export to the Ely bypass project was undertaken for last couple of weeks. Some low spots needed more material. March 2018 – no further update.

MRF: Christmas and New Year period was extremely busy. Some waste was diverted to other sites, some was stockpiled at Waterbeach pending processing. Plant ran 24/7 throughout January and most of February before having a short maintenance shutdown. All stocks cleared and operations returned to normal at start of March.

MBT: Wind damage to side panels will be sorted in spring – scaffolding has been erected along car park and Levitts field sides of compost hall. Contractor appointed and works proper will commence when scaffold complete. Works to air handling will continue in 2018.

Composting: Processing as normal. Waste inputs now reduced. Odour complaints received were reduced compared to 2016. 2016 total: 137, 2017 total: 90. Odour monitoring ongoing.

Number of complaints received

Month 2016 2017 2018
January 1 2 6
February 5 1 2
March 3 0  
April 5 9  
May 7 6  
June 29 16  
July 44 16  
August 24 18  
September 3 9  
October 10 6  
November 3 6  
December 3 1  



Security presence has been increased on site following unescorted visitors being present in operational areas. Site now has 24/7 security and a control station at site gate.

4. Future developments (Amey)

Tim Marks (TM) gave the following update:

Energy from Waste: As discussed at November’s meeting, Amey submitted shortly before Christmas to allow the planning authority to validate the application, with formal public consultation not commencing until the new year.

In December / January we presented our proposals to Haddenham, Waterbeach, Landbeach and Cottenham Parish Councils and attended a public meeting in Waterbeach. Following community feedback and in addition to our agreed community engagement programme we have organised three information sessions to take place on 19 and 20 March, in Landbeach, Cottenham and Waterbeach. These sessions are open to everyone. Letters have gone out to residents in Cottenham, Landbeach and Waterbeach, and posters sent out to parish councils and hand delivered to local shops and community facilities for display. An advert also appeared in today’s (8 March) Cambridge News and online.

We will have our team of experts available to discuss issues such as air quality and traffic. We are currently reviewing consultation responses and expect that further information will be provided to the Planning Authority in in due course.

We have received two enquiries from Keep Waterbeach Rural and local resident of Waterbeach Nigel Seamarks, we have circulated a response to their questions (attached to these minutes.) If there are further questions about the proposal or the enquiries we would be happy to take them and provide a formal response by email.

A CLG member asked how Amey will respond to the queries and comments raised via the CCC consultation. TM highlighted that around 40 organisations and a similar number of local residents were initially consulted by the Council and that Amey expects to be asked to respond to specific issues rather than individual enquiries.

A CLG member asked how Amey had decided who to consult with, as an event is not being held in Milton and the publicity had not covered Milton. TM confirmed Amey’s approach to community involvement had followed requirements set out by the Council’s adopted guidance and was agreed with them prior to the pre-application consultation events. TM stated that we had focused on the immediate parishes, and that this CLG covered these areas and wider. Bethan Griffiths (BG) added that posters had been taken to locations in the wider villages including Milton to be displayed, and had also been sent to parish councils including Milton, Stretham and Haddenham to ensure a wide area was covered.

TM added that at the next SCDC elections, the ward boundaries will change so the district councillors for Waterbeach will also represent Milton.

A CLG member suggested that the Amey website could be better used for FAQs, which it was confirmed by Amey was the intention. It will be updated around the planned information events. The two newsletters also cover the most frequently asked questions.

New Bridge - the new bridge mentioned at a previous meeting is still in the pre application stage

Litter Fence – likely to apply to extend the litter fence near the MRF

Lighting – potential plans to upgrade to LED

Anaerobic Digestion – No update

Future Developments (Frimstone)

An update was given on Frimstone activity. Operations at Gravel Diggers Farm are now drawing to a close and are likely to finish in the summer.

The application to extend working to Mitchell Hill was submitted in January which included some minor changes to the site boundary and the movement of the processing plant approx. 100m north.

The consultation phase for this ended yesterday (7 March.) An exhibition and a parish council site visit had been held.

A CLG member commented that they had not seen any publicity for the public exhibition. Frimstone confirmed that it had been publicised via parish councils and letters to immediate residents.

5. County and District Council updates

Emma Fitch provided the following update:

Monitoring Site Visits - Following the monitoring visits to both the Amey Waterbeach Waste Management Park and Gravel Diggers mineral extraction site (see the CCC/CRC/2 map at the end of this document for context) in August and September last year; officers visited the Gravel Diggers site to monitor the sand and gravel extraction with Frimstone and then went on to monitor the waste uses on the wider Waterbeach Waste Management Park with Amey earlier today (8 March 2018), as part of the formal County Planning monitoring regime. Although the monitoring reports have not yet been collated to confirm whether the sites were in full compliance with relevant planning conditions during these recent visits; it is acknowledged that in February 2018, officers received a complaint regarding contractors visiting the Gravel Diggers site using Lots Drove rather than the approved haul road to access the site. The operator, Frimstone, reminded all contractors not to use Lots Drove and officers will monitor the situation as this is the second complaint received regarding this breach of planning condition.

No concerns had been raised during the site visits.

The above were the last monitoring visits of this financial year and three further visits to each site will take place between 1 April 2018 and 31 March 2019.

Levitt’s Field, Energy from Waste planning application (S/3372/17/CW) update

The formal public consultation period provided by the County Council expired on Tuesday 6 February 2018, following a public meeting held on Monday 29 January 2018. The Waste Planning Authority is in the process of acknowledging and taking account of all the submissions made, and these responses are in the process of being discussed with the applicant and their agent to establish what further environmental information, and what clarification, may be required in relation to some of the points raised as part of the consultation process. The additional environmental information, once received, will be subject to a further 21 day public consultation in due course, and it should be noted that all previous comments will stand and will be carried forward, so comments are only being invited on the new information that will be submitted in due course. It should be noted that everyone that made comments within the first round of consultation will be notified of the second round of consultation.

In addition to the above, the Waste Planning Authority has fed back to the applicant the concerns being raised by local residents (particularly in the Waterbeach area) of the perceived lack of pre-application consultation carried out by them ahead of their formal submission. In response to this, the applicant has confirmed that they are setting up further ‘information sessions’ for local residents to attend and ask questions on the technology and proposals within the planning application.

Where possible the Business Manager, County Planning, Minerals and Waste will seek to attend these sessions in case there are any questions about the planning process that residents would like to ask. Invitations will also be sent out to officers of the Environment Agency and Public Health England to try and ensure a breadth of attendance at these sessions, if at all possible. However, it should be noted that these proposed ‘information sessions’ are being arranged by the applicant and therefore wider attendance by other statutory consultees cannot be guaranteed at this stage.

The Waste Planning Authority has formally written to both the applicant and also the CBWIN representative (Mrs J Sutton) to explain that any planned meetings or information sessions will need to be outside the sensitive time (often referred to as ‘purdah’) for the run up to the district and parish elections. ‘Purdah’ runs from Thursday 22 March 2018 until Thursday 3 May 2018 and during this time officers and members will be restricted on what it is suitable to attend or comment on. It is important that all residents understand the complication of ‘purdah’ and why the Waste Planning Authority has therefore requested that such sessions or any public meetings are not held within the above sensitive 6-week period. The Energy from Waste planning application (S/3372/17/CW) is accompanied by an Environmental Statement that looks not only at the proposed development and existing / planned operations on the wider site, but also the potential for wider proposals to come forward, such as the Waterbeach Barracks housing development. All this information is available on the County Council’s website for public perusal.

At present, based on the additional information required for further public consultation, it is unlikely that this planning application will be considered by the County Council’s Planning Committee for determination before 19 July 2018.

Mitchell Hill, Extraction of Sand & Gravel Extraction with restoration using inert material and inert waste planning application (S/0088/18/CM) update The public notice for this planning application wasn’t published in the local newspaper until Wednesday 14 February, so effectively the public consultation period (21 days) for this planning application didn’t formally close until yesterday (7 March 2018). However, statutory consultations and neighbour responses have been received for this planning application and are in the process of being acknowledged and reviewed to determine whether any additional environmental information, or any points of clarification, are required from the applicant and their agent. This will determine whether a further round of public consultation (21 days) is required or not.

The case officer (Mr David Atkinson) has visited the proposed Mitchell Hill site and is reviewing this planning application cumulatively with the wider uses on the Waterbeach Waste Management site, including the Energy from Waste planning application noted above, on key areas such as traffic. It is acknowledged that the proposed sand and gravel extraction process at Mitchell Hill is to follow on from the extraction at the existing Gravel Diggers site, using the same processing plant for the sand and gravel operations; with the main difference being the processing and deposit of inert waste from materials brought in by Frimstone. The northern part of the site is proposed to be restored to a nature conservation afteruse.

The applicant (Frimstone) has carried out pre-application events to allow residents the opportunity to comment on the scheme and visit the Gravel Diggers site to see the sand and gravel processing plant and operations that are proposed to be moved to Mitchell Hill if planning permission is granted.

Furthermore, during the main consultation period, Frimstone held an evening drop in session at Cottenham on Thursday 15 February 2018 for members of the Parish Council and adjacent neighbours for the scheme.

6. Terms of reference

Copies of the Terms of Reference for the group was made available at the meeting as these had not been reviewed for some time and it was felt that now was a good opportunity. A CLG member commented that these should be given to all new members when they join the group, which TM took away as an action. These will also be circulated with these minutes and added to the relevant pages of the Amey website. A CLG member asked how it was decided who should become a member. TM confirmed that the membership of the group included immediate neighbours to the site, Landbeach and adjacent parish councils' of Waterbeach and Cottenham, county and district councillors, SCDC’s Environmental Health Officer, the Environment Agency, planning representatives from SCDC and CCC and Frimstone.

TM asked the group if it was felt the membership should be extended to include Milton. If it was extended to include Milton, it would also need to include other parishes of equal distance to be fair.

A CLG member commented that Milton would be represented via the ward councillor after the SCDC elections. Another member queried whether Milton parish boundary bordered Landbeach, as this would qualify it for membership.

A CLG member commented that they had recently visited the Great Blakenham EfW facility in Suffolk, and had asked about the site’s CLG. They were told it was a small group which includes the most key people and this was seen as being a good approach.

A CLG member commented that it seemed to be felt by Amey that communicating via the group was a way of communicating information to the whole community and this should not be the case. It should be included in the Terms of Reference what members are expected to do in their own parish/community as there is currently a lack of clarity.

To take account of feedback, Amey took an action to review the Terms of Reference and feedback at the next meeting.

7. AOB

The following questions and comments were raised.

A CLG member requested that CLG minutes are sent to parish clerks to be displayed on the parish council websites. It was agreed that this would be possible.

Councillor Tregoing confirmed that this would be her last meeting as she is standing down at the SCDC May elections. Amey thanked her for her contribution to the group.

8. Date of next meeting

Thursday 14 June 2018 at 6pm.