Wednesday 10 May 2017

Amey Waterbeach Waste Management Park

Attendees: Clare Cambridge, Chris Smiles, Tim Marks, Jon Jones, Emma Fitch, Barrie Hughes, Andrew Stevens, Anita Levitt, Sharon Spain, Michael Williamson, Jane Williamson, Peter Johnson, David Craig, John Martin, Kate Martin, Chris Webster, Erik Fuller-Lewis, David Mudd, Nick Atkins

Apologies: Ingrid Tregoing, Peter Dawes

1. Welcome and introductions

Chris Smiles (CS) opened the meeting, as everyone knew each other there was no need for introductions around the table.

2. Minutes of previous meeting

Under Operational Updates for the water treatment plant, it was acknowledged that in some versions of the minutes the year of submission was incorrect. The correct date was December 2016. Furthermore the need to secure planning permission prior to construction was omitted.

It was also noted that there had been a request for information regarding odour complaints received by Amey for their Waterbeach facility and that this information had not been provided or included in the minutes. Action – Amey to follow up.

Post meeting note: In 2016 there were 137 complaints due to odour, of which 28 were found to be justified, summary to be uploaded to website

3. Operational update

Jon Jones (JJ) provided the following operational update:

Landfill: Clay capping of 13B is complete, Gas wells installed, due to be connected to gas extraction system soon. Waste is being tipped into Cell 13C. Designs are in place for phase 14 of the landfill and Amey is currently looking at options for clay extracted from phase 14 cells, including suitability for local highways works. Clay is being exported to the Ely by-pass project. Around 2000t per day, no reports of disruption caused by lorries on A10. Scheme to extend amount of clay to be exported this year has been submitted and awaits agreement from CCC planning.

New landfill leachate extraction system and collection tank has been installed. EA have asked for 6 tankers per day, at the moment there has not been sufficient leachate in the tank to utilise 6 tankers. The tanker company has access to the tank level via internet and so sends tankers in on an as needed basis. Export of leachate ongoing.

MRF: The MRF is busy as normal. Normal running – 2 x 12hr shifts per day, 7 days per week followed by regular days down for routine preventative maintenance. Recyclate markets are still not strong at the moment. We are concentrating on keeping the processed materials moving out of site, rather than building stockpiles.

MBT: Processing wastes as expected, sometimes hours extended into evenings depending on deliveries and also any plant issues. Wind damage to side panels will be sorted in spring – expect to see scaffolding on roof. Contractor selected, awaiting final approval to proceed. Process water tank was going to be cleaned out but in the end job was postponed. The cleaning will go ahead in the next couple of months.

Composting: Processing as normal. Waste inputs mean that we are now diverting waste to other sites so that we only fill 10 batches per week. Excess material is diverted from March and Alconbury transfer stations and now have a harsher rejection methodology in place to be able to meet the odour requirements. Daily off-site odour monitoring is being conducted around the area in accordance with our Odour Management Plan (OMP).

Recent incident with compost turner means that it is away for repair. We have reverted to turning windrows with loading shovels, but have kept the individual windrows – same shape and same width, same height.

Bird scaring: Restriction on flying birds of prey has been lifted. Amey has therefore reverted back to daily bird scaring using variety of methods – birds of prey and fireworks.

Litter: Storm Doris: we suffered badly but employed a specialist firm to clear the A10 verges and increased our own litter pickers to remove the litter. Clare Cambridge thanked Amey for their litter picking after the storm.

Chris Webster asked if the clay stock pile was being reduced. JJ highlighted yes, noting that clay would be moving to Gravel Diggers for restoration purposes and may also be used on other local projects. However, when the next landfill cell is excavated it would go up again.

4. Future developments

Tim Marks (TM) gave the following updates:

Water Treatment Plant: Planning application submitted in December 2016. One remaining objection from Waterbeach Parish Council concerning an increase in traffic on the A10, therefore and despite a net reduction in traffic, (less tanker exports) the application is due to be presented to planning committee in June 2017.

MRF: A Non Material Amendment for an emergency backup water sprinkler pump was approved on 2nd March 2017.

Bridge: In advance of a planning application for new bridge over Beach Ditch a water vole licence has been secured to manage the vegetation to discourage water voles in the affected section.

Energy from Waste Facility (EfW): Further to the allocation of land adjacent to the MBT for future waste developments, some may recall that in 2010 we applied to the County Planning Authority for Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Scoping Opinion to develop an EfW plant. This process identified key environmental issues to be examined in the event that a planning application came forward. At that time we did not pursue an application.

Conscious that this opinion is 7 years old (May 2010), recognising the environmental context can change, and since the adoption of a new Corporate Energy Strategy for Cambridgeshire County Council in March 2017, which promotes decentralised energy from waste facilities, we submitted an updated EIA Scoping Opinion request to the County Planning Authority. This request sets out how we would approach a future EIA to accompany a planning application for a combined heat and power enabled EfW plant. We are currently awaiting their formal response. To assist this process we have met a few interested organisations such as, Historic England and the Farmland Museum to review how we might assess the Abbey and its grounds and are also taking into account links to the Waterbeach Barracks developments.

We are also reviewing some conventional proven technology options and shortly will commence an architectural feasibility review to prepare some concept drawings.

In the event we decide to proceed with the project and submit a planning application, this will be subject to a community engagement programme that would involve the liaison group.

A discussion took place around the potential EfW proposal, air emissions, health impacts and likely stack height. TM highlighted that a Human Health Risk Assessment would accompany an Air Emissions Assessment to demonstrate emissions were safe and within required limits. Emissions would be monitored continuously. In addition to planning consent, the plant would need a permit from the Environment Agency to operate safely. During the discussion it was mentioned that whilst technology may be different, in and around Cambridge there were already 2 EfW plants at Addenbrooke's Hospital and near Thriplow. Stack height would be dependant on the outcome of an air emissions assessment, however previous projects of similar scale indicates it could be 70-80m high. It was agreed to present concept drawings and update the group at the next meeting.

AD: No further updates from Summerleaze

5. County and District Council updates

Emma Fitch provided the following update on behalf of Cambridgeshire County Council:

Clay exportation for the Ely Southern By-Pass Project: Confirmed CCC Highway Authority had looked at the request from Amey and subject to limitations on the number of HCV’s with a minimum of 5 minute intervals between them leaving the Waste Management Park in the morning rush hour period, we are expecting to send our approval to the exportation of the clay tomorrow (11 May 2017).

Monitoring Site Visits: Monitoring visits to both the Amey Waterbeach Waste Management Park and Gravel Diggers mineral extraction site (see the CCC/CRC/2 map below for context) took place on Wednesday 3 May 2017. No obvious non compliances with the planning permissions and associated conditions were noted at the time of the visits by officers, although the final reports have not yet been produced. Once produced the final reports will be shared with the operators and put on public file shortly. Officers plan to schedule two further monitoring visits to each site before April 2018.

Waste Water Treatment Plant: Planning application (reference S/0202/16/CW) is still being considered by officers and it is anticipated that this application will be taken before the Planning Committee on Wednesday 14 June 2017 at the earliest. Consideration will be given to the issue raised by Waterbeach Parish Council regarding traffic implications on the A10. Environmental Impact Assessment Scoping request for Levitts Field: A Scoping Request for an energy from waste facility at the Waterbeach Waste Management Park, on land allocated through the adopted Minerals and Waste Plan, was made to the County Council on 23 March 2017. The Scoping Request has been made in order to determine the scope of Environmental Impact Assessment that will be needed to underpin the submission of any future planning application.

The submitted Scoping Request outlines the scope of the technical work that is proposed in this respect, e.g. to assess potential impacts on ecology, landscape and visual impact, noise and vibration, air quality and human health, ground conditions, hydrology, transport, and cultural heritage. The County Council has been consulting key agency’s to determine if the assessment work that is proposed is adequate, or if different or additional information will be needed. The bodies consulted include the Environment Agency; Historic England & English Heritage; South Cambridgeshire District Council; Natural England, the Drainage Board and other parties.

The County Council has agreed with Amey that a Scoping Opinion, which will reflect the advice obtained from all consultees, will be issued in due course. Once it is issued this Opinion will be public and can be viewed at the County Council or South Cambridgeshire District Council by appointment.

6. AOB

Barrie Hughes reported that, at the weekends he has noticed a high pitch sound / whine emanating from the waste management park early in the mornings. Furthermore, he requested the odour information be issued. Action: Amey to investigate noise and issue odour information (see section 2, above).

David Mudd reported that there had been odour complaints (to the Parish council) in Cottenham first week in May 2017. JJ confirmed that odour monitoring does include Cottenham so records could be checked. Residents were urged to contact Amey directly if they experienced such complaints. Waste Management Park phone number: 01223 861010 Clare Cambridge reported an increase in flies. Action: Amey to contact immediate neighbours to review.

Sharron Spain highlighted Frimstone’s intentions to submit a planning application for mineral extraction in the Mitchell Hill area. EF strongly recommended Frimstone undertake pre-application advice from the Council (including the Highway Authority) and community engagement prior to submitting the planning application and SS confirmed this was the Company’s intention. Particular concerns were raised relating to the crossing of Twenty Pence Road and highway safety which SS noted and said would be covered in the planning application. EF confirmed that the allocation in the adopted Minerals and Waste Plan showed that the material from this area would need to come out on the A10 roundabout and not along the Twenty Pence Road. A number of members raised concerns of HGVs entering and leaving the Gun Club, noting consequential damage these vehicles had caused to the public highway and who was responsible for repairs. EF confirmed that her team were aware of the importation of soils at the Gun Club under a District permission and also highlighted that land adjacent to the Gun Club had also been under investigation by her team for the importation of soils without planning permission, so they were already undertaking visits to this area. EF also noted that the Gun Club had a stock pile of sand and gravel on site (from when they excavated a lake) and that the Gun Club were aware that they needed planning permission to be able to export the minerals off-site. EF confirmed there was no evidence that the sand and gravel had been removed and confirmed that she would provide the contact details of her Principal Enforcement and Monitoring Officer (Mrs Deborah Jeakins) in the minutes of this meeting so neighbours would have a direct contact if they wanted to report any movements or concerns in this area. EF also said that if any residents wanted to provide their concerns about the highway condition (including any photographic evidence) and also submit that to Deborah they would seek a steer from the Highway Authority in relation to responsibility for repairs.

Post meeting note: Contact details for Mrs Deborah Jeakins, Principal Enforcement and Monitoring Officer at Cambridgeshire County Council are as follows:


Telephone: 01223 715544 7.

Date of next meeting - 12th July 2017 – 6:00 pm

Map relating to Areas A - G