MEETING NOTES Wednesday 12th July 2017 6p.m.

Amey Waterbeach Waste Management Park


Clare Cambridge (Local Resident), Anita Levitt (Local Resident), Claire Saville (Local Resident), Barrie Hughes (Local Resident), Jean Burling ((Local Resident), Erik Fuller-Lewis (Local Resident), John Martin (Local Resident), Jane Williamson (Farmland Museum / Waterbeach PC), Myra Gaunt (Waterbeach PC), Cllr Anna Bradnam (CCC), Cllr Ingrid Tregoing (SCDC), Cllr Peter Johnson (SCDC), Nick Atkins (Environmental Health SCDC), Emma Fitch (CCC), Chris Smiles (Amey), Jon Jones (Amey), Tim Marks (Amey), Andrew Russell (Axis PED), Peter Dawes (Frimstone), Steve Poole (Frimstone), Ted Clover (Clover Planning), Adam Smith (CCC)


Chris Webster (Local Resident), John Harrison (Environment Agency), Andrew Stevens (Landbeach PC)

1. Welcome and introductions

Chris Smiles (CS) opened the meeting and introductions were made.

2. Minutes of previous meeting

The minutes were agreed.

In respect of the 2016 odour summary issued as a post meeting note, there were questions about what was an “unjustified” complaint, as these made up around 80% of reported complaints. A discussion about odour took place with some members reporting that odours were getting worse and want to know what Amey do when a report from the EA is received. Jon Jones (JJ) explained that all complaints are looked into. If a report is received outside office hours then the weather data and number of complaints is looked at. During office hours a member of site staff, normally the odour monitoring officer, will attend the complaint location to assess conditions. Outside office hours complaints should be made direct to the Environment Agency hotline. Amey to provide update on 2017 odour complaints at next meeting. [post meeting note: Contact numbers - Amey 01223 861010 - EA hotline 0800 80706]

3. Operational update

JJ provided the following operational update:

Landfill: Designs are in place for phase 14 of the landfill and Amey is currently looking at options for clay extracted from phase 14 cells, including suitability for local highways works. Clay export to the Ely by-pass project has been suspended – may be re-started in a few weeks’ time. Export of leachate ongoing.

MRF: The MRF is busy as normal. Normal running – 2 x 12hr shifts per day, 7 days per week followed by regular days down for routine preventative maintenance. Recyclate markets are still not strong at the moment. We are concentrating on keeping the processed materials moving out of site, rather than building stockpiles. No change

MBT: Processing wastes as expected, sometimes hours extended into evenings depending on deliveries and also any plant issues. Wind damage to side panels will be sorted in spring – expect to see scaffolding on roof. Contractor selected, awaiting final approval to proceed. Current scaffold tower is to sort out gutter problems between 2 roofs. Process water tank was cleaned. Further works will be required in next few weeks. Composting: Processing as normal. Waste inputs mean that we are now diverting waste to other site so that we only fill 10 batches per week. Excess material is diverted from March and Alconbury transfer stations. Daily off-site odour monitoring is being conducted around the area in accordance with our OMP. Full-time odour monitor has been employed. She conducts weekday on and offsite odour monitoring all around the area. She also responds to any complaints received. Recent incident with compost turner means that it is away for repair. We have reverted to turning windrows with loading shovels, but have kept the individual windrows – same shape and same width, same height. Compost turner expected to be back on site next week.

Bird scaring: Restriction on flying birds of prey has been lifted. Back to daily bird scaring using variety of methods – birds of prey and fireworks. Pest control contractor visited Cottages to discuss any issues/requests.

4. Future developments (Amey)

Tim Marks (TM) gave the following updates:

Water Treatment Plant: Approved on 29th June 2017

Bridge: In advance of a planning application for new bridge over Beach Ditch a water vole licence has been secured to manage the vegetation to discourage water voles in the affected section. Section has been cleared and will continue to be managed over the course of 2017.

AD: no updates from Summerleaze

Energy from waste facility: TM recapped on progress to date and reported that Amey had received a formal response from Cambs CC to their Environmental Impact Assessment Scoping Opinion request. The formal response (29th June 2017) confirmed the general contents of our Scoping Report was acceptable in setting out how Amey would assess the environmental impacts, highlighting some specific matters to be addressed in the assessment. The general layout of the EA will be;

  • 1.0 Introduction
  • 2.0 Scope of the Environmental Impact Assessment
  • 3.0 Alternatives Considered
  • 4.0 Scheme Description and Construction Methods
  • 5.0 Landscape and Visual Assessment
  • 6.0 Ecology and Nature Conservation
  • 7.0 Noise and Vibration
  • 8.0 Air Quality and Human Health
  • 9.0 Surface Waters and Flood Risk
  • 10.0 Traffic and Transportation
  • 11.0 Socio-Economics
  • 12.0 Summary of Effects

The Environmental statement will be supported by a series of additional planning documents.

Architecture - Following our meeting in May 2017 Fletcher Rae Architects were instructed to undertake an initial architectural feasibility review and prepare some concept drawings. Andrew Russell from Axis PED who are preparing the planning application for Amey, presented the feasibility study, see Appendix A.

A discussion took place around the EfW design proposals including

  • positioning buildings/structures below ground level – to reduce height
  • orientation onsite – to minimise impacts to surrounding properties
  • landscaping – opportunities for landscape and biodiversity improvements
  • externally visible lighting – measure to reduce light spill
  • Stack height – subject to the air emissions assessment, likely to be 80m
  • access arrangements – use existing A10/roundabout
  • external materials – consideration of graduated colours, reflective materials and glass
  • rectilinear design – not favoured, design could be improved by incorporating curved roofs

TM thanked everyone for their comments, these would be passed to the architect for consideration in the development of the design.

Next steps – Amey planning to proceed and complete the EIA assessments and prepare a planning application, therefore over the next few months they will agree a community engagement programme with Cambs CC, dates of public exhibitions will be circulated to members in due course.

Other matters: Comments were made with respect to the number of vehicles that were originally proposed to use the waste management park and how this has grown of time. TM highlighted that several planning permissions, such as the MBT and MRF had been approved since the main Waste Management Park consent was granted in 2001, therefore activities had increased the number of vehicle movements to/from site. Since vehicle types and payloads vary, Cambs CC approach to control growth when a planning application is approved was to place tonnage restrictions on the consent. EF confirmed this is Cambs CC preferred approach. Some Members asked for information on how the situation had changed over time, TM agreed to review and provide a summary.

Future Developments (Frimstone)

Operational report - PD explain the progress of the current operations. Working was almost complete in phase 2 and Frimstone would be carrying out soil stripping operations in phase 3 in Mid August when the crops were harvested. The soil stripping would be monitored by the archaeologists and any features found would be investigated prior to extraction starting. The group raised issues over dust from the haul road in dry weather. Although the haul road is regularly dampened down with a water bowser the matter would be investigated with a view to increasing the frequency in periods of prolonged dry weather.

PD also raised an incident concerning children trespassing on site and swimming in the lagoons. This was very dangerous and Frimstone had been in touch with the Children's parents and the local school in Cottenham. Additional fences had been put up along with new signage design to "shock" people and put them off swimming in open water bodies. A request was made to the locals to let Frimstone know if they saw anyone trespassing on the site during the evening or at the weekend when the site was closed.

Mitchell Hill Planning Application - TC tabled draft plans for the working and restoration of land and minerals at Mitchell Hill to the west of the current working area at Gravel Diggers. It was explained that Frimstone were preparing an application for the working of sand and gravel and the restoration of the area by backfilling with inert waste. It was proposed that working would take place over a 10 to 15 year period with access to the site being via the existing haul road across the Waste Management Park to the A10 roundabout. Proposals were currently being drafted and Frimstone were hoping to be in a position to discuss with the County Council, District Councils and local residents in late August/ Early September.

It was agreed to circulate a copy of the archaeological investigations to the group once the report was issued. In the meantime, copies of the plans were left with various members of the liaison group and it was made clear that if anyone had any comments on the proposals or wished to discuss any aspect further to make contact with either Ted Clover or Frimstone direct.

5. County and District Council updates

Emma Fitch provided the following update on behalf of Cambridgeshire County Council:

Clay exportation for the Ely Southern By-Pass Project - Approval was granted on 11 May 2017 for the clay exportation movements to serve the Ely Southern By-Pass Project. This approval was subject to limitations on the number of HCV’s (15) to be used, with a minimum of 5 minute intervals between them leaving the Waste Management Park via the Waterbeach A10 roundabout in the morning rush hour period i.e. between 07:00 and 10:00. To comply with this requirement the operator is required to maintain a written record at the Waterbeach site of the deliveries to the Ely Southern byPass site which includes the tonnages, dates and times of the HCVs leaving the Waterbeach site. These records can be inspected by the Mineral and Waste Planning Authority on request.

Monitoring Site Visits - The last monitoring visits to both the Amey Waterbeach Waste Management Park and Gravel Diggers mineral extraction site (see the CCC/CRC/2 map below for context) took place on Wednesday 3 May 2017. Formal monitoring reports were prepared following the visits and these confirmed that no non compliances were found on either site. The date of the next visit to the Amey site has been set for late July and the next visit to the Gravel Diggers site will be timed to coincide with the beginning of the next phase of mineral extraction on site which is due to begin in late summer or early autumn. These timings are owing to a crop still being on the land in question and the need for archaeological investigations ahead of extraction.

Officers will then schedule one further monitoring visit to each site before April 2018 and will also visit reactively to respond to any planning issues that need investigating or addressing.

Waste Water Treatment Plant - Planning application (reference S/0202/16/CW) was granted planning consent on 29 June 2017. This planning permission is subject to 3 pre-commencement conditions that will need to be satisfied before development can commence. Following the last liaison meeting on 10 May 2017, Amey confirmed they were content to remove the element of importation of waste as part of their planning application, which resolved the concerns raised by Waterbeach Parish Council. As such the application was determined using delegated powers to the Head of Growth and Economy in consultation with the Chairman of Planning Committee and the local County Councillor.

Environmental Impact Assessment Scoping request for Levitts Field - A Scoping Request for an energy from waste facility at the Waterbeach Waste Management Park, on land allocated through the adopted Minerals and Waste Plan, was made to the County Council on 23 March 2017. This was made in order to determine the scope of Environmental Impact Assessment that will be needed to underpin the submission of any future planning application.

The County Council issued its Scoping Opinion on 29 June 2017 having undertaken consultation with key agency’s including the Environment Agency; Historic England & English Heritage; South Cambridgeshire District Council; Natural England, the Drainage Board and other parties.

This Scoping Opinion is public and can be viewed at the County Council or South Cambridgeshire District Council by appointment.

Additional concerns raised at the previous meeting outside the scope of the Waterbeach Liaison Forum Following concerns raised at the liaison meeting on 10 May 2017 about vehicle movements and damage to Long Drove (near the Gun Club), the Principal Enforcement and Monitoring Officer visited the area on Friday 30 June 2017. As part of this visit, a meeting with the Gun Club owners was also undertaken.

The Gun Club owners have confirmed that they are responsible for the upkeep of part of Long Drove (in the location of their entrance) and have noted the concerns raised. The Gun Club owners advised that they intended to undertake repairs in the near future. They also confirmed that they now intend to use all the as raised sand and gravel on site for their own purposes rather than apply to transport these off site. Photographic evidence has been taken of the stockpiles of material and it is proposed by the owners that it is used for the following purposes:

  • Creation of banks / bunds that are then covered by topsoils in line with their planning permission from South Cambridgeshire District Council;
  • Sand bank buffers for bullets;
  • At least 2 metres of sand to cover over a concrete culvert on the rifle range;
  • Use for maintenance and upkeep on the car park and road ways.

Officers have asked for confirmation in writing of the above and will continue to monitor this area as necessary.

Checks were also undertaken on a neighbouring piece of land where concerns have been raised about the importation of inert material. This is also being investigated.

South Cambridgeshire District Council – no report

6. AOB – none

7. Date of next meeting

To tie in with the Energy from waste public exhibitions, planned for September 2017 (tbc)