MEETING NOTES Thursday 12 October 2016 Amey Waterbeach Waste Management Park


  • Clare Cambridge
  • David Craig
  • Allison Darling
  • Peter Dawes
  • Andrew Fillmore
  • Emma Fitch
  • Erik Fuller-Lewis
  • Myra Gaunt
  • John Harrison
  • Paco Hevia
  • Barrie Hughes
  • Peter Johnson
  • Peter Larwood
  • Tim Marks
  • David Mudd
  • Claire Saville
  • Chris Smiles
  • Andrew Stevens
  • Chris Webster
  • Jane Williamson

1. Welcome and introductions

Tim Marks (TM) opened the meeting and introduced Chris Smiles (Amey’s new account director at Waterbeach) and Paco Hevia (Amey’s technical director). Apologies were given for Jon Jones and Karen Pell-Coggins (who has been replaced on the CLG by Andrew Fillmore)

2. Minutes of previous meeting

TM confirmed minutes had been circulated, no comments were received and these were therefore considered a true record and were issued on Amey’s website.

3. Operational update

Chris Smiles (CS) provided the following operational update:

Landfill: Amey is getting close to top of tipping in Cell 13B. Cell 13C is prepared and ready for use, which Amey expects will be this week. Designs are in place for phase 14 of the landfill and Amey is seeking internal approval to comment phase 14. Amey is also looking at options for clay extracted from phase 14 cells, including suitability for local highways works. There is a possibility that some clay will be exported to the Ely by-pass project.

MRF: The MRF is busy and continuing business as usual, with Amey considering how to improve the specification of materials processed in the MRF.

MBT: Work in the MBT is also continuing in a positive way. Amey is working with Cambridgeshire County Council on innovation ideas to assist the authority with their savings plans. This work is in its infancy and further updates will be provided at future CLG meetings.

IVC: Amey has updated and issued its odour management plan to the Environment Agency, who will now review the plan. We are processing waste both at Waterbeach and through third party providers, although with green waste now reducing after the summer we expect to reduce the use of other providers. Amey was also recently prosecuted for odour (breach of permit condition). This related to odour issues in 2014 and at the time the site was closed, with improvements to infrastructure and operations made. Amey pleaded guilty and the matter is now closed as far as Amey and the Environment Agency is concerned.

A CLG member said they had noticed improvements in odour and asked what had been done recently.

CS and Paco Hevia explained this is down to a number of actions, including:  Vigilant inspections of the waste being delivered from the district collection authorities and, if it does not meet specification and may cause odour, then it is rejected and not treated in the IVC  Introducing additional employees for cleaning operations  Robust monitoring

A CLG member thanked Frimstone for the installation of a noise fence and said work at Gravel Diggers was not causing disturbance at this time. Peter Dawes, from Frimstone, said work is continuing to set up the Gravel Diggers site.

He also informed about initial studies into extraction at Mitchel Hill, where archaeological investigations are under way.

Processing plant is due to be installed at Gravel Diggers in the coming week and the commissioning process will begin from November. Frimstone is planning to submit a non-material amendment to its planning application to allow the silt pond to be moved to the phase two work area. At the end of extraction, the pond would be decommissioned and restored. Top soil stripped from the area has been used elsewhere on the site or stored for restoration.

4. Future developments

TM gave the following updates:

Water treatment plant: Amey is now preparing a planning application and hopes to submit in October/November. The plant will include a series of tanks which will clean water before it is discharged to the public sewer system.

Energy from waste facility: Amey continues to review this, with land allocated on site for uses including EfW. If this progresses we’ll organise a further CLG meeting to discuss further. We have had an ecologist on site to update previous background surveys, this included bat and water vole surveys. Also, since the advanced planting adjacent to the A10 has established itself very well, we had a tree survey conducted and generally they are in good health.

AD: No further updates from Summerleaze

5. County and district council updates

Emma Fitch provided the following update on behalf of Cambridgeshire County Council:

CCC has undertaken two monitoring visits to the site as the Mineral and Waste Planning Authority (M&WPA). The first was with Frimstone on 31 August 2016 in relation to Gravel Diggers, and the second was to the Amey site on 5 October 2016.

The site visit to Gravel Diggers discussed the location of the silt lagoons and CCC considered these to be ‘non material’ when assessed against the whole scheme. To address these proposed amendments the M&WPA has requested Frimstone submit two S96a applications within two months of our monitoring report (by 27 November 2016), so that these changes can be assessed.

As part of this visit it was also noted that the signage for HCVs crossing Lotts Drove had not been erected, but it was established that these were on order and have since been installed.

As part of the monitoring visit to Amey, the M&WPA officers toured the whole site and did not find any breaches of Amey’s planning permissions. During this visit it was noted that the leachate plant application had been delayed but it should be due in shortly in line with discussions at the last CLG meeting. Once this application is received, it will be advertised and consulted on formally.

Andrew Fillmore gave the following update on behalf of South Cambridgeshire District Council:

The Local Plan examination is continuing and no date is yet set regarding Waterbeach new town.

Developers have begun consultation with residents and have held some open days. Timescales for submission of any planning applications by developers are currently unknown but may be imminent.

A CLG member asked whether any planning applications will be dependent on suitable transport links. AF said transport links are a material planning consideration. EF said CCC would also be consulted as the authority with responsibility for highways.

6. AOB

TM updated members about the Amey Community Fund, which local groups can use to apply for funding towards community projects. The fund is managed independently of Amey and is part of the landfill tax rebate process. Details can be found at Cllr Peter Johnson thanked Amey employees for volunteering to help with clearing a footpath in Waterbeach. Thanks were also expressed by the Farmland Museum for volunteering support by Amey employees. CS explained all Amey employees are given one paid volunteering day each year to use in their local community and, if any groups had ideas for activities that we could support in their own areas, they should get in touch. TM asked CLG members to update Amey if their contact details changed.

7. Date of next meeting

It was agreed to hold the next meeting in mid January. Date to be confirmed by Amey.