Thursday 14 July 2016 Amey Waterbeach Waste Management Park

Meeting Notes


Amey: Tim Marks, Jon Jones, Allison Darling

Authority and regulatory officers: Andrew Fillmore (SCDC), Emma Fitch (CCC), John Harrison(EA).

CLG members: Clare Cambridge, Jean Burling, Sarah Clover, David Craig, Peter Dawes, ErikFuller-Lewis, Myra Gaunt, Philip Handschin, Barrie Hughes, Cllr Peter Johnson, DavidMetcalfe, David Mudd, Claire Saville, Andrew Stevens, Cllr Ingrid Tregoing, Chris Webster.


Paco Hevia, Nick Atkins, Mark Davenport, Melanie Hale, Jane Williamson, Maurice Leeke.

Minutes of previous meeting:

Tim Marks (TM) confirmed these were circulated following the meeting in July 2015 and no comments were received. Members accepted the minutes as an accurate record. TM said Amey would create a page on its new Waterbeach website to display meeting minutes and a link would be circulated to members in due course.

Operational update:

Jon Jones (JJ) provided the following operational update:

Landfill: Amey is part way through tipping in Cell 13B. Cell 13C is prepared and ready for use, which Amey expects will be towards the end of the year. Cell 13A has been restored and gas wells will be installed at the end of July. Designs are in place for phase 14 of the landfill and Amey is currently looking at options for clay extracted from phase 14 cells, including suitability for local highways works.

MRF: The MRF is very busy, although recyclate markets are not strong at the moment. A number of improvements have been made to the MRF since the last meeting, including the installation of a new conveyor.

MBT: Amey is taking a proactive approach to dealing with planned maintenance within the MBT to limit unexpected mechanical issues. The MBT is offline this week for a series of planned maintenance activities.

Composting: Numerous improvements were made by Amey in 2015, including introducing a biofilter on the reception hall and drainage works. Amey continues to follow its odour management plan, which includes diverting waste from site during periods of peak inputs and regular waste turning. Temporary aerators have been installed in the water lagoon and Amey is investigating the potential for a water (leachate) treatment plant on site, which would take waste water directly into the Anglian Water sewage system. This is subject to permit and planning approvals but, if gained, it could be built next year. JJ explained the biofilter produces a sweet smell but confirmed no deodorising chemicals are being used. JJ accepted there had been some odour complaints from residents and some members of the CLG talked about their concerns about odour during the meeting. JJ invited any residents with a concern to visit the site and discuss this with him.

Some CLG members raised a concern about an increase in flies in the area. JJ said the Amey site itself had not experienced an increase in fly issues but agreed to liaise with a local pest control supplier, who would visit sample properties to assess this further.

A CLG member asked why tankers visited Waterbeach. JJ explained the tankers arrive empty and take away the waste water from the landfill and composting areas (leachate). If a water treatment plant is built, this will remove the need for tankering.

Frimstone update: Peter Dawes (PD) gave an update on work at Gravel Diggers on behalf of Frimstone. Soil stripping commenced in June. Archaeologists have been on site and will investigate any features found. Once this work concludes then areas will be released for extraction, which may begin in the next few weeks. The next stage will be introduction of a processing plant, which has planning permission.

A CLG member asked Frimstone when sound acoustic fencing would be introduced at Gravel Diggers. PD said work was ongoing to do this and Frimstone is awaiting fence posts to allow the work to be completed.

A CLG member asked Frimstone when an outflow flap would be installed. PD agreed to look into this.

A CLG member asked about road signage during works. Emma Fitch confirmed this is a requirement and PD said the signs are on order.

It was agreed a Frimstone contact name/number would be circulated with CLG meeting notes.

Future developments and proposals:

TM gave an update on potential and future developments at Waterbeach, including:

Landfill: Planning consent has been granted to change the life of the landfill to 2036, which is in line with the end of the PFI contract.

MRF: Permission for a litter fence and external storage of processed waste has been granted.

Water treatment plant (leachate): Amey is currently in pre-application discussions and is hoping to submit a planning application before the end of 2016.

Energy from Waste facility: TM confirmed the land next to the MBT is still allocated for waste treatment and Amey continues to keep this option under review. If any proposals are progressed on this then Amey will hold further meetings with CLG members.

AD: No further updates about potentially extending the AD facility have been received from Summerleaze.

TM agreed to share the restoration plan for Gravel Diggers.

CCC and SCDC updates:

Emma Fitch gave an update on behalf of CCC. See separate notes.

Andrew Fillmore gave an update about the Waterbeach Barracks proposals on behalf of SCDC. An inspector decision is expected in Spring 2017 and a planning application is expected to be submitted in 2016 or 2017.

Future meetings:

The CLG agreed to hold its next meeting in October 2016.


A CLG member asked about overnight noise he had heard on site. TM agreed Amey wouldlook at this to see what specific operational activity may be causing noise, TM encouragedthe member to report any future instances so they could be investigated immediately. Emma Fitch confirmed a noise assessment was considered as part of planning permission forthe MRF.


Report of Cambridgeshire County Council

1. Gravel Diggers Farm Applications (S/02279/11/CW & S/02575/12/CW) superseded by landfill application for Waterbeach Waste Management Park (S/0013/15/CW) and associated condition / non material amendment works as part of update:

A planning permission to extend the life of the landfill from 31 December 2015 to 31 December 2036 and effectively ‘give up’ the right to landfill non-hazardous and inert waste in Gravel Diggers (shown as Area E1 on the map attached to the permission) and instead landfill it with excess clay from the site to a lower level, by the original timescale of 31 December 2019, was submitted to Cambridgeshire County Council (CCC) as the mineral and waste planning authority (M&WPA) in November 2015. Following consultation and a review of all the planning conditions permission that needed to be updated and carried across, the new planning permission was granted using delegated powers on 11 April 2016.

In relation to the planning conditions for this permission I can confirm that the implementation date required under condition 1 was confirmed by the agent on 19 April 2016 as being 11 April 2016. This means that this is now the relevant permission for the wider Waterbeach Waste Management Park (WWMP) site, which effectively supersedes the Gravel Diggers Farm applications (S/02279/11/CW & S/02575/12/CW) which now cease to have effect.

CCC M&WPA has also recently approved condition 44b of this permission in relation to the temporary haul road to be used for the mineral extraction and related waste landfilling in the Gravel Diggers Farm area (shown as Area E1 on the map attached to the permission). This application was received on 23 May 2016 and the details were approved ahead of any mineral movements (as per condition 44b) on 01 July 2016. As part of this assessment, notification has also been given to CCC as M&WPA by Frimstone Ltd that works on the required signage and noise attenuation required by condition 44 of the extant permission is being implemented ready for commencement – this will be checked by officers as part of planned site monitoring visits in due course.

It should be noted that now Gravel Diggers Farm area (shown as Area E1 on the map attached to the permission) is not being filled by non-hazardous or inert waste and is instead being filled with clay, there is no need for condition 44a that required the involvement of the Planning Committee in consultation with the Environment Agency under the Gravel Diggers Farm applications (S/02279/11/CW & S/02575/12/CW) to be carried forward, which is why this condition is no longer required as part of the  extant permission (S/0013/15/CW).

In addition to the above, a non-material amendment was sought under this planning permission (S/0013/15/CW) to introduce a new leachate tank to the east of the redundant green hydrogen gas compound shown on Plan K151.1~20~003 (reference S/0013/15/CW/N1). The addition of this leachate tank through a non-material amendment was treated in a similar way to the one that was approved via a non-material amendment in May 2015 for the In Vessel Composting (IVC) facility, as it was not considered by officers that the introduction of this structure would be a material change in the perspective of the wider WWMP site. The non-material amendment application was submitted on 03 May 2016 and was validated on 10 May 2016. A decision was granted on 07 June 2016.

2. Materials Recycling Facility (MRF)

The planning application to regularise the litter catch fence (retrospective) on the western and north boundaries of the site and formalise external storage of processed waste in the rear yard of the MRF (S/0014/15/CW) was received by the M&WPA on 18 December 2015. This application sought the continued use of the MRF as set out in planning permission reference S/01777/10/CW. As with the 2013 planning application, this application did not seek to increase the permitted waste throughput or the hours during which waste could be received at the site. Following consultation and a review of all the planning conditions that needed to be updated and carried across, the new planning permission was granted using delegated powers on 18 April 2016.

In relation to the planning conditions for this permission I can confirm that the implementation date required under condition 1 was confirmed by the agent on 20 April 2016 as being 18 April 2016. This means that this is now the relevant permission for the MRF, which effectively supersedes planning permission S/004662/13/CW which now ceases to have effect.

3. Screening Request for potential Waste Water Treatment Plant

An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) screening opinion in relation to a new Waste Water Treatment Plant to serve the adjacent landfill, In-Vessel Compost (IVC) facility, & Mechanical and Biological Treatment (MBT) facility was issued by the M&WPA on 13 June 2016. A copy of this has been placed on the planning register at South Cambridgeshire District Council. The screening opinion concluded that the proposal is not EIA development.

4. Monitoring Site Visits

Site visits are being arranged with both Amey LG Ltd (in relation to the waste operations) and Frimstone Ltd (in relation to the mineral operations) by the M&WPA so that compliance with the relevant planning conditions can be monitored and checked at various times of the year.

CCC/CRC/2 Map relating to Areas A – G (as noted within conditions for planning permission S/0013/15/CW)

Map showing areas for permission in planning application s-0013-15-cw