Minutes of meeting held on Monday 6 July 2015 at Amey Waterbeach Waste Management Park


  • Karen Pell-Coggins (South Cambridgeshire District Council)
  • Peter Johnson (SCDC councillor)
  • Emma Fitch (Cambridgeshire County Council)
  • Maurice Leeke (CCC councillor)
  • David Mudd (Cottenham Parish Council)
  • Jane Williamson (Farmland Museum / Waterbeach Parish Council)
  • Mark Davenport (Frimstone)
  • Claire Saville, Jean Burling, Ann Webster, Clare Cambridge, Anita Levitt (residents)
  • Will Fairman, Tim Marks, Jon Jones, Allison Darling (Amey)


  • Stella Wathen (Environment Agency)
  • Barrie Hughes (resident)
  • Lucy Bannerman (Cambridge Research Park)

Minutes of the previous meeting

Minutes of the meeting held on 27 November 2013 were approved with no comments.

Operational update – Jon Jones

IVC: The IVC was closed in July and August 2014 due to odour and our permit to operate suspended while action was taken. Works were completed by the end of August and, during the closure, waste which would have gone to the IVC was diverted to other sites. Actions taken to reduce odour included:

  • Rapid action doors installed on reception
  • Drainage system changed, with dirty water/leachate going straight to collection tank and taken for offsite treatment
  • New compost turner installed
  • Input to the IVC is now restricted to 10 vessels per week
  • Trials being undertaken on mixing woody green waste into the vessels
  • A bio filter for the reception hall will be installed in the next six months
  • We will investigate a water treatment plant or sewer connection to treat leachate from the site

Landfill: Phase 13 (A, B and C) has been constructed and we are currently tipping in 13A. Reprofiling and capping works have been carried out on 12B and 12C. New gas and leachate wells have been installed.

MBT: Running two production shifts, five days per week. Currently working on optimising bio filers/monitoring odours. Scaffolding at the end of the MBT was installed as part of works to change a gearbox on a large motor. We are now installing a roof access, after which scaffolding will be removed.

MRF: We have updated and improved the MRF and are now getting back to full production. The quality and value of glass is low and the market for dry recyclates continues to fluctuate.


What goes into landfill?
The compost like output produced by the MBT, which has been reduced by 50% from its original weight as part of the MBT process. Plastic film, for which there is no
market, and dirty/contaminated plastics.

What is being done about flies?
Fly killers are in use in the compost hall. Amey will look into this further.

Why don’t you have an open meeting for people to visit site?
We have previously held an annual open day. This year there will be five smaller open days held across the county as part of existing fairs/festivals instead. The CLG
also has a role to reflect the views of their community as part of the meeting.

Who can people contact?
Amey agreed to circulate an updated contact list to CLG members.

Could CLG minutes be put on the website?
Amey will look into this (NB we will be rebranding our website in autumn 2015 and will consider this as part of the website changes).

Why are there sometimes loud bangs at night, like a metal skip being dropped?
Amey will look into this.

There is a perception of more clouds being released through the chimney, is this correct?
The majority of what comes from the chimney is water vapour. The emissions are tested independently each quarter, in line with Environment Agency requirements
and standards, and are within agreed limits.

Do you have bird scarers?
We are currently using a hawk for this.

Future developments / proposals – Tim Marks

Minor non-material planning amendments have been made in relation to the IVC and MRF.

We continue to review potential for an energy project, adjacent to the MBT, which could make use of the compost like output produced within the MBT. We will consult
with the CLG/community as part of any plans that are progressed.

We also continue to look at the potential for an anaerobic digestion project on the Waterbeach / Summerleaze site.

Fencing to help prevent litter leaving the site has been installed and we are currently applying for retrospective planning permission for this. We are also applying for
permission to vary the MRF conditions to allow storage in the rear yard.

We are reviewing landfill capacity on site. Original planning permission anticipated the lifetime of the landfill would be to the end of 2015 but waste needs are
constantly changing/we’ve recycled more, and therefore we have re-measured how long we can use the site for landfill. We are intending to apply for planning
permission to extend the time we are allowed to landfill in Area D to December 2036. We are also intending to apply for permission to fill Area E1, after mineral extraction, with clay rather than non-hazardous materials as planned. A public information session is being held on 13 July and details will be circulated to residents and parish councils, as well as advertised in the Cambridge News.

Mark Davenport gave an update on plans to extract minerals from Area E1, which has planning consent. Half a million tonnes are in the site and are expected to be
extracted over four years. It is intended to be a quiet operation, with silenced equipment and vehicles, and drivers will give way to residential users on the track.
Signage will be in place to advise this.


Where will waste go after 2036?
Difficult to predict as waste treatment processes continue to evolve, therefore this would be reviewed in the future.

What times will the mineral extraction take place?
Weekdays and Saturday morning only in line with planning permitted hours.

Will it be reprofiled after minerals have been extracted?
Amey expects it to be reprofiled (using clay as per above) about a metre lower than it would have been using non-hazardous materials.

County Council update – Emma Fitch (CCC)

David Atkinson retired at the end of July and Emma has taken over his role. Emma will be responsible for monitoring the site and making sure Amey is compliant. The
last visit was carried out in May. CLG members can contact the planning team if they have any questions.



Next meeting

It was agreed to hold meetings annually. Additional meetings can be called if required in between this.